Cadgroup Australia and StrucSoft Solutions reach reseller agreement

Credit: Cadgroup, StrucSoft Solutions
Credit: Cadgroup, StrucSoft Solutions

Canadian software giants StrucSoft Solutions have agreed upon a reseller agreement with Cadgroup, which will enable the former to have their product distributed in an entirely new market – Australasia.

Cadgroup Australia, who are the first Australian firm to achieve Platinum Value Added Reseller with Autodesk, making them the ideal platform in StrucSoft’s mind in-order to administer their MWF product to an Australian audience.

MWF (Metal Wood Framer) is an Autodesk Revit-based piece of software, which allows for the user to automatically generate the clash detection, manufacturing and modelling of steel and wood based framing solutions such as BOM, cut lists, optional CNC output and shop drawings.

Speaking about the importance of Building Information Modelling software add-ons such as MWF, StrucSoft’s President George Ajami said: “Third party add-on’s such as MWF are the logical next step allowing users to easily input massive amounts of precise building data such as framing, and export this data to 2D sheets or CNC machines for manufacturing.”

In regards to the new partnership, Ibrahim Thanawalla, Cadgroup’s Director stated: “Through our exclusive reseller agreement with StrucSoft Solutions and reselling MWF (Metal Wood Framer) we are confident that we can expand our client network by continuously delivering not only a single product but an overall solution and service to our customers.”

This news follows September’s announcement that StrucSoft had reached a similar reseller agreement with Swedish firm Cad-Q, with the latter distributing the former’s MWF brand across the Scandinavian market.

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