BIM Show Live for Manufacturers Recap: How you can get your content digitised?

BSL Delegates 2

The first ever BIM Show Live for Manufacturers took place last Thursday at the Building Centre in London and much like its big brother BIM Show Live, #BSL4M did not disappoint.

Attracting over 100 delegates, some of which are not yet Building Information Modelling adopters, the event was held in-order for those at the start or early stages of their BIM journey to make sure that they don’t make the same mistakes as those before them and pick the right path to ultimately make their company as much cash as possible.

Kicking off the event was Olly Thomas, an Information Manager at BIM.Technologies. Having spoken at many BIM events in the past such as BIM Show Live and Meet The Hospital Bidders and with an impressive project résumé under his belt, Thomas knows a lot about utilising BIM objects.

Conducting the ‘Define and Validate’ portion of the event, the Rugby-based architect provided a highly informative presentation explaining BIM workflows. He explained that acronyms such as AIM, DIM and PIM may seem daunting at first, yet the BIM process and terminology are simple to understand once you take the time to invest. He urged delegates that they “need to think about how you can get your content digitised” as in a statement echoed by BIM Show Live for Manufacturers organiser Rob Charlton, the time is now to adopt.

The second speaker at the conference was Paul Broadfoot of _space Architects. Paul told the audience that he normally walks the walk as opposed to talking the talk, yet he provided guests with an engaging, informative and “passionate” presentation focusing on the design and prototyping of BIM objects.

Broadfoot has created his own content in the past, and although a rewarding process to create an object, why create your own when you can download quality content at a much quicker rate? Broadfoot discussed problems he has faced during projects, which provided for revealing advice that guests will have definitely benefited from hearing. Downloading for free from a BIM library is the most popular way of accessing BIM content, so manufacturers need to be involved to help their business thrive.

Following on from Broadfoot’s discussion about downloading BIM content, Cubicle Centre‘s Craig Sewell stepped up to the rostrum, referring to BIM as “the kick up the a**e we all need to go digital”, a sentiment many in attendance agreed with! Having been there, done BIM and got the profit, Sewell was able to conduct perhaps the most relatable talk of the entire day, putting over his experience working with bimstore.

The main point to be taken from Sewell’s dialogue was for aspiring BIM manufacturers to hire or source the best content creators possible. Whether that be in-house or via a content creating external resource, the best content with the best encrypted information will receive the best number of downloads.

“Every man and his dog thinks they can create BIM content these days,” said Sewell. “You need to find a great content creator.”

The final discussion at #BSL4M was the ‘Operate and Maintain’ seminar conducted by Adam Ward of BIM.Technologies. Ward’s witty presentation style captivated the audience as he sandwiched hard-hitting information on COBie with humourous references and slides. Described as “brilliant” by the audience, the presentation complemented the other three perfectly, ending the day on a joyous high whilst still answering questions guests wanted to hear.

The inaugural BIM Show Live for Manufacturers was a resounding success and there will no doubt be a 2015 follow-up. The event also served as a great predecessor to BIM Show Live 2015. If you think you could replicate the efforts of Olly, Paul, Craig and Adam, the organisers are looking for potential speakers to step forward.

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