BIM methodologies to “bring critical benefits” to Australian mining

Credit: Sourceable
Credit: Sourceable

In a new article published by Sourceable, it is being reported that it is not just building and civil engineering projects that can utilise Building Information Modelling; BIM methodologies are set to “tremendously enhance the full life cycle performance of large-scale mining concerns” in Australia.

The report cites a speech made at Bentley Systems’ Year in Infrastructure event by the corporation’s Solution Executive for Roads and Bridges, Dave Body. Although Body stated that the acronym BIM “hasn’t really appeared” in the mining industry, methodologies are certainly present.

“A mining operation is essentially one big, continuous construction project which can run for 50 to 100 years,” said Body. It all needs to maintained throughout the course of that life cycle, and that’s where BIM can be of immense benefit.

“All the information you’ve got now that you’ve designed and constructed a project can now go through into the O&M phase, where it can further complement other information during the decades-long life cycle to improve maintenance and performance. This can include areas such as when it was inspected, who inspected it and what were the issues.”

Body also explained that miners are looking for the next big thing in innovative technologies, and they should look no further than BIM. “Miners are looking to cut costs by means of innovative technology. They’re looking for technology to improve their efficiencies and be a more sustainable business. And this is where BIM can play a pivotal role.”

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