Bentley’s Walter: Adopt BIM or “the Brits will build your infrastructure”

Credit: Bentley Systems
Credit: Bentley Systems

At this year’s Bentley Year in Infrastructure conference, Bentley Systems’ Malcolm Walter (pictured) let the delegates know how highly he views the UK’s Building Information Modelling adoption rate.

The Fifth Estate reports that high praise came from the Chief Operating Officer of the global software giant at the event that he calls the “Academy Awards of infrastructure”. Bentley’s Year in Infrastructure 2014 began on November 4th and concludes today (Thursday, November 6th, 2014).

“When I’m in a country that isn’t the UK, I like to say, ‘It’s the intent of the Brits to come back and rebuild their empire… You better adopt these practices or the Brits will come and build your infrastructure,'” Mr Walter said.

His comments have come after the UK Government have mandated the use of Level 2 Building Information Modelling implementation on public sector projects by 2016. The likes of France and Germany are following suit by 2017, yet as the UK are leading the BIM pack, according to conference speakers, they are the Nation that will be ready to pick up work should the rest of the world not catch up to speed.

More profound words came from Operations Manager at Mace Group, Professor David Philp. He said that firms who do not catch up with their competition could easily face extinction. These slow-starters face a “digital Darwinism” and become replace by new, BIM-enabled factions that can provide what modern-day consumers are looking for.

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