Bentley Systems: “It is time for Australia to mandate state policies for BIM”

Credit: GITC Canada
Credit: GITC Canada

Although architecture, engineering and construction firms across Australia have shown impressive initiative in adopting Building Information Modelling processes, will the Western region begin to fall behind should their Government not choose to mandate BIM?

That was a warning (reported by Sourceable) made by Bentley Systems‘ Industry Solutions Director, John Taylor, who has warned that whilst Australia’s “precocious” use of BIM’s maximum current functionality has been achieved, only with government backing will the country capture the “true value” if the revolutionary technological paradigm shift.

“We have no mandated policies to drive the effective usage of BIM across the whole of the infrastructure asset lifecycle in Australia,” said Taylor. “Given the focus on government infrastructure delivery in Australia, particularly in the transport sector, the federal and state governments need to provide leadership requiring their requirements for BIM to deliver and manage infrastructure more effectively and efficiently.”

Taylor elaborated further, stating that it makes sounds business sense for the Government to mandate BIM as they own most of Australia’s infrastructure. Not capitalising would be a serious error of judgement. He stated: “Government in Australia owns the vast majority of infrastructure in the country and they bear the responsibility for managing their infrastructure in the most cost-effective way, while maintaining service levels demanded by our citizens. Effective BIM strategies for major infrastructure have been proven to reduce whole of life infrastructure costs enhance project delivery.”

So who should Australia look to for inspiration? Taylor believes that the Government influence of New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom should encourage Australia to act.

“Both the New Zealand and Singapore governments have a mandated BIM policy for major infrastructure projects, which is expected to deliver significant cost savings. The UK government has a BIM Taskforce and mandated policies for fully collaborative 3D BIM by 2016, and this is already delivering tangible cost savings and timely project delivery for some of the largest construction projects in Europe.

“It is time for Australia to mandate similar commonwealth and state policies for BIM, as the benefits of doing so will deliver real value to the Australian public.”

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