4Projects by Viewpoint: UK has “the best set” of BIM standards

Credit: 4Projects by Viewpoint
Credit: 4Projects by Viewpoint

Just days after the Head of BIM at the BIM Task Group David Philp bestowed high praise on the UK’s construction industry, it seems that the Building Information Modelling standards in Her Majesty’s kingdom have received more admiration from a top software solutions company.

In today’s Building.co.uk ‘The completion of Level 2 BIM – What does it mean for you?‘ webinar, over 600 listeners were able to learn about the latest developments of 4Projects by Viewpoint, as their 4BIM Product Manager John Adams took to the virtual rostrum.

“The UK standards for BIM are driving, pretty much our global strategy,” stated Adams. “We believe the UK is the best set of standards around. “As much as they are incomplete as we await the digital plan of work, they are the strongest the world has.”

Fantastic praise I think you will agree!

Adams then conducted a presentation on how projects delivered in the UK can ensure that all stakeholders/project parties can all work to Level 2 BIM requirements.

“So what does the industry need? On the employers side, they need better information so they can make better decisions and investments; that is one of the key drivers of it,” he said.

Other requirements that Adams believes the UK need to achieve complete collaboration were split into four parts: Behaviour, Process, Standards and Technology. When discussing Process, the 4BIM Product Manager said: “We need to get the people doing the standard things out of the PAS documents in a rigorous way and a predictable way so information requirements and BIM Execution Plans need to become more formal and less ad hoc.”

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