WATCH – Sweco unveil Oslo 2070 BIM project

Credit: Sweco
Credit: Sweco

Swedish experts of sustainable construction Sweco have unveiled their latest environmentally friendly initiative, Oslo 2070.

During the summer, Sweco welcomed 10 architecture and engineering interns into the fold and tasked them with initiating the Oslo 2070 project, which will theorise how Olso, Norway, will look in 2070 after various developments aimed at driving sustainability, increasing green methods of transport and accommodating an influx of 450,000 new residents.

Following the departure of the interns, Sweco’s team picked the project back up and have created an astounding project, which although entirely theoretical at this point, allows the entire AEC community to see what the future potentially has in store.

Using Google SketchUp and Autodesk Infraworks with help from Lumion and Autodesk 3D Studio Max, the team developed a model Oslo that raises many interesting debates, that’s for sure!

Key features of the ‘future’ Oslo include a driverless electric pod car system running over the city, 55 new underground metro stations and a 64 kilometre cycle bridge that traverses various areas in the community. Perhaps the most interesting feature of the initiative is the implementation of four artificial floating islands that can house an extra 180,000 residents, allowing Olso to transition from being “the city by the bay to be ‘the city in the bay.'”.

Speaking exclusively with BIMcrunch, one of Sweco’s BIM Coordinators, Bettvik Mats explained that using BIM like this at an early stage is “an important part” of the lifecycle of a potential future project like this.

“Visualizations is an important part in how we look at BIM, it makes it easier for us to communicate to our customers and co-workers about challenges and finding the best solutions,” said Mats. “The value of good visualizations in large (and smaller) infrastructure projects is great. We use BIM-models like this in early design and concept stages to make the most out of our models.”

Watch the highly-intriguing futuristic visualisation below.

Learn more about Oslo 2070 by following this link to a translated version of the project information.

In addition to the video clip, you can view our gallery below that features various views of Oslo’s potential future landscape.