WATCH – LEVS Architects chat BIM & Solibri software

Credit: Solibri
Credit: Solibri

Software solutions supremo Solibri have published a new video in which one of their clients discusses their use of Solibri products and their Building Information Modelling foray thus far.

LEVS Architects, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, were represented by one of their Directors, Marianne Loof in the clip.

“An architect by nature is a generalist among the specialists,” stated Loof. “We of course love to work with all the specialists and we do have to understand their language and we need to talk about their specialism in their language. That’s why this generalist way of being involved in the building process fits so well together with BIM and Solibri software that enables us to show all the specialist areas together as something that is a product.”

Loof says that using Solibri allows her company to check advanced features such as daylighting and measurements more easily and enables them to work at a “higher level”. Loof elaborated:

“Next to normal BIM software like ArchiCAD, Solibri takes us to a higher level. We use Solibri software to really focus on the quality of our own work. We produce a lot of drawings and these drawings contain a lot of design information we need to apply to our designs like square metres, like daylight issues.

“That’s one of the reasons why we want to use Solibri much more. We can check our designs on special issues [measurements, etc]. Of course, in the outside world, if you communicate with other BIM parties like the contractor or technical engineer, we need to be sure that the data we deliver is without any flaws. On all of those levels, it [Solibri and BIM] gives us the opportunity to improve the quality of what we do, especially as designers but also part of the technical design team.”

Loof also discusses the future of the industry and how BIM will help positively shape it and other ways in which supplementing your main BIM software with Solibri can create benefits.

Watch the video below.

What are your experiences using Solibri? Do you have nothing but praise like Marianne Loof?