WATCH – David Miller Architects talk BIM with Middlesex University

Credit: Middlesex University
Credit: Middlesex University

Middlesex University are currently offering students the chance to gain a degree in Building Information Modelling Management and have released an interview used in a promotional film.

A film was created to document opinions from various BIM professionals highlighting why young people should enrol and get involved within the industry and why BIM is so important within their workflows. David Miller Architects have provided comment in a video clip that has been released online.

It [BIM] is massively important. It’s an opportunity for the construction industry to reimagine itself in a much more efficient and structured way,” stated David Miller, Founder of David Miller Architects when asked how crucial BIM was to their business and also the industry as a while.

When posed the question as to why young people should look to gain a qualification in BIM management, describing education and accreditation regarding anything in business as “really important”.

The opportunity to become BIM qualified to not only students but also current architecture professional is very much stressed in the clip. Why wouldn’t an architect try and better themselves with a degree to “develop and retain talent”.

“It would be true to say that the UK scene is a leader in this sector, particularly with the Government’s mandate and with the education opportunities that are in the UK”, said Miller as part of his final thoughts. “It is a fantastic opportunity for export as well for us.”

Watch the entire video below.

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