VIEW – #Bimagery Recap for W/C 20/10/14

1 - WC 20.10.14

BIMcrunch’s sibling Instagram feed #Bimagery is the #1 picture feed you need, compiling Building Information Modelling related images all in one place. Each Friday on BIMcrunch, we will round-up the posts of the week and give you a little more information.

This week’s array of images showcases new BIM objects from Harmer Drainage Systems, Australia‘s first-ever high-rise with an integrated BIM deliverable built by Rice Daubney, comments from HS2 Ltd regarding the use of BIM in their project, Normunds Grïnbergs, who discussed all things BIM at the Construction BIM Forum in Riga, Latvia and David Philp, who wrote a very interesting BIM-related article earlier this week.

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