Sitedesk chosen to support £53 million coastal defences project

Credit: Sitedesk
Credit: Sitedesk

Manchester-based Building Information Modelling solutions company Sitedesk have had their software selected by Wyre Council to support a Level 2 coastal defences project.

The five-year contract will see main contractor Balfour Beatty fully utilise BIM and provide construction and maintenance work on the Rossall coastal defence scheme, which is part of the larger Fylde Peninsular Coastal Programme in North West England worth £53 million.

Sitedesk’s BIM software will be used by Wyre Council personnel to capture data on the defences during construction, data that can they be used to optimise future operational and maintenance tasks.

Two kilometres of defences will barricade the North West coastline, protecting 7,500 homes from flooding in the process. Rossall takes a beating from some of the strongest tides along the Fylde coast so it’s great to see that the BIM process will be bringing the new bulk to the North West coast.

“Sitedesk is a cost-effective collaboration tool that provides us with an effective link between the office and the field”, said Carl Green, Wyre Council’s Head of Engineering Services. “It provides the functionality and flexibility required to resolve issues in a timely manner and record decisions for future operational benefits. We chose Sitedesk because it makes it simple for us to take advantage of the whole life cost benefits of BIM without the exposure to high hardware, software or integration costs.”

Peter Trebilcock, Balfour Beatty’s Design & BIM Programme Director described Sitedesk’s role as “significant”. He stated: “The use of field devices is playing a significant role in delivering better management of data and increased business efficiency across our business. We are currently deploying them across a portfolio of education and commercial projects. They are helping to save time for our site operatives by giving them access to building information tools to help better manage quality, commissioning, and health and safety aspects, and integrate the reporting of our valuable supply chain partners.”

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