Siniat UK’s GTEC product range now available in BIM

Credit: Siniat
Credit: Siniat

Siniat UK have released Building Information Modelling object families of their popular GTEC branded plasterboard objects.

The Autodesk Revit-enabled families, of which there are 11 in total, are available to download for free. Objects available include the GTEC Suspended MF & Mass Barrier and GTEC Pregybel MF Ceiling Systems as well as the GTEC Aqua Board Partition and GTEC Fire Protection Shaftwall plasterboard solutions.

Discussing why Siniat UK have decided to have some of their portfolio become BIM-enabled, Managing Director Neil Ash said: “BIM is now a widely used tool so it’s only right that our plasterboard solutions can be modelled by architects and consultants at the design stage. With the UK Government’s ambition to achieve zero carbon construction, BIM is an essential part of the design process, helping to reduce material and time wastage, and ensure that we close the gap between designed and as built energy performance.”

Ash elaborated further, stating why Siniat’s and a BIM process go hand-in-hand. “Our products directly support carbon efficiencies, allowing project teams to achieve high levels of thermal performance and air tightness, as well as protecting against moisture, weather, fire and sound. By offering BIM-enabled products, we ensure project teams have full access to these attributes, and the broader whole life sustainability benefits of our products which are fully recyclable.”

Click here to read the original press release regarding Siniat’s range of GTEC BIM objects and where you can download them.

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