Report: 75% of projects to utilise BIM within two years?

Credit: McGraw Hill Construction
Credit: McGraw Hill Construction

Could 75% of construction projects taking place in two years time involve Building Information Modelling? There’s a definite possibility according to the results of a recent report.

McGraw Hill Construction‘s SmartMarket Report, entitled The Business Value of BIM for Owners, surveyed building owners from the United Kingdom and the United States and asked them to give their opinions regarding the state of their BIM adoption.

An interesting statistic showed that 40% of US owners and 38% of UK owners believe that in two years time, 75% of their projects will involve BIM. A respectable showing in the US yet not such a strong result in terms of the UK, a country who have of course got the government’s 2016 BIM mandate looming.

More encouraging though however is the next finding of the survey, which found that 88% of building owners are formally measuring the impact of BIM. The UK also tallied a higher result when it came to being aware of BIM use by crucial project team members such as architects and general contractors and also polled a healthier result in experiencing benefits created by BIM adoption such as clash detection and enhanced visualisation.

Vice President of Strategic Industry Relations at Autodesk, Phillip G. Bernstein believes the report’s results clearly shows the importance of a government mandate. 67% of UK owners polled said that the 2016 mandate was what inspired them to look into BIM.

“The McGraw Hill Construction report clearly shows the most important driver of BIM use in Singapore and the U.K. has been their national BIM mandates,” said Bernstein. “With these two governments continuing to make infrastructure development a high priority, the adoption of BIM has become a critically important step towards minimizing lifecycle building costs and improving the design quality of their built assets.

“The report makes evident that the desire to become an industry leader is an aspect of the BIM policies of Singapore and the U.K. To this end, a significant impact of these BIM mandates has been to ensure that construction sectors are becoming more globally competitive.”

Skanska UK‘s President and CEO, Mark Putnam believes that although the majority of the report’s findings are encouraging, there is still a long way to go until BIM is being “routinely used”. He said: “The government’s mandate is helping to drive change across the U.K. construction industry. Its 2016 deadline is accelerating the adoption of new tools and processes, which will ultimately deliver the collaboration and data needed to help achieve the industry’s long term objectives.

“When Skanska is an owner, we mandate BIM and have done so since 2008, as we believe it brings significant benefits. However, the report clearly shows that there is still much to be done before BIM is routinely used to develop more sustainable buildings and infrastructure.”

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