Norwegian BIM software revolutionizing Nordic construction projects

Credit: Vianova
Credit: Vianova

A new online article has looked at construction companies who have successfully implemented “groundbreaking” BIM software and cloud-based resources developed by a leading European software manufacturer.

Norway‘s Vianova Systems, who have offices worldwide in countries such as Belgium, Estonia, Spain and Vietnam, have seen their BIM software product Novapoint DCM and cloud-based collaboration tool Quadri DCM be at the forefront of Building Information Modelling projects across Scandinavia.

The first success story looks at COWI, an engineering consultancy based in Denmark. Their infrastructure project, a 30km stretch of road outside Kongsvinger in southeast Norway, utilised Vianova’s Novapoint software package. COWI’s BIM Consultant Gjermund Dahl said that the firm reaped “big advantages” thanks to their implementation of Vianova’s suite of products. He said: “Despite some initial challenges we see big advantages in the BIM solution.

“We have learned even more about model collaboration, which is a big bonus when using such tools. Collaboration is always a code that must be cracked in order to solve large-scale projects. The ability to see the other disciplines in the same model is a great strength. The collaboration also provides greater confidence in the product we design. We see things multidisciplinary and can weed out obvious errors and deficiencies early on.”

EQC Group, a consulting company based in Sweden, have also discussed the benefits they saw from using Novapoint and Quadri that have made them more “confident”.

“In the model we immediately see if everything is correct, which in turn contributes to quality assurance and good governance. It is much easier to see what you do in 3D and see the consequences. Errors and conflicts are much easier to uncover. And it saves you time by reducing the number of factors in quality control. All in all, the modelling gives you a sense of control. That´s super. In short we feel more confident that the product we deliver is correct.”

Smaller enterprises can also gain a lot from BIM adoption, no company is too small! Ing. Jørleif Lian AS in Norway are a prime example. Jørleif Lian, Managing Director, commented about his corporation’s use of Vianova’s new tools. He said:

“Not only is Novapoint DCM much more fun to work with, the visual 3D functionality gives you full control and improved quality of the design. When it was time to try Novapoint DCM in a real project, it did not take me long to learn the tool. But it is crucial to have a structured setup to get started correctly. I think it’s terribly easy now.”

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