Niven Architects BIM KTP to be discussed at ‘Bottom Line Business Benefits’

Credit: Niven Architects
Credit: Niven Architects

Niven Architects and Teesside University have enjoyed a successful Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) in association with Innovate UK. Now, their prosperous coalition is to be discussed at an upcoming business event.

Taking place in Gateshead on Thursday, November 6th, 2014 from 8:00 till 10am, guests at Bottom Line Business Benefits can hear all about Niven Architects’ successful partnership with the education establishment, a fruitful joining of forces that allowed Niven to kickstart their foray into Building Information Modelling.

KTPs normally last two years and are part funded by Innovate UK, aka the Technology Strategy Board. The KTP allowed Niven to improve their presence and increase their competitiveness within the BIM sector. The partnerships normally last around two years, with Niven Architects and Teesside University’s being completed earlier this month following an October 2012 start date.

Graduate Johnathan Munkley of Niven was made a KTP Associate and Project Lead and helped deliver the project alongside Dr Mohamad Kassem and Professor Nashwan Dawood of Teesside University’s Technology Futures Institute.

Niven have learned so much from the relationship and developed that successfully that they have now launched a new company named BIM Strategy Ltd, which will help construction firms become BIM compliant through content creation, training and workshops.

BIM Strategy Ltd’s Marketing Manager Karen Crowe spoke about the company realising they were able to offer a service to clients that they were able to achieve thanks to the KTP.

“One of the stumbling blocks for SMEs looking to incorporate BIM is the cost of training, as well as the purchasing of licences and hardware,” stated Crowe. “Because we went down the KTP route we learned a lot about how to do it and realised we were in a position to offer advice to businesses both large and small.”

Teesside University’s Laura Woods, who is Director of Academic Enterprise expressed how Niven Architects are a “fantastic example” of the positive impact that KTPs can have on a business. She said: “Niven Architects are a fantastic example of the bottom-line impact a KTP can have on business. For Niven, the KTP and collaboration with the University has meant not only new cutting-edge BIM technology in the business – it has also led to expansion of the company.

“We look forward to welcoming other businesses on Thursday 6 November to hear how university expertise can help them improve competitiveness, productivity and performance.”

Bottom Line Business Benefits, takes place at the Northern Design Centre in Gateshead from 8.00am to 10.00am.

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