Level 3 BIM to turn engineers into service providers, says Bentley

Credit: Bentley
Credit: Bentley

The CEO of software developer Bentley Systems, Greg Bentley, believes that Level 3 will redefine how engineers work, turning them from designers and builders into bona fide service providers.

According to Bentley, whose company turned 30 this year, present-day engineers must do more than just take on building work if they want to stay profitable. This type of work relies on hours worked, which Bentley argues is not a good system: “Hours are commoditised and there are cheaper options out there.”

“How about seeing engineering as a service? To be the ones responsible and accountable for the uptime of a Metro, or a water treatment works?” asks Bentley. “That has to be a lot better than selling hours.”

By operating something akin to a subscription service, engineers will be able to guarantee income, and Bentley believes that Level 3 will help facilitate this.

New Civil Engineer, who conducted the wide-ranging interview, writes that Bentley perceives Level 3 vision as a unifier, connecting assets and their components to the physical environment.

“In effect,” the article goes onto say, “Level 3 information modelling enables engineers to make continuous real-time decisions for best performance.”

These comments illuminate how BIM is encouraging all corners of the industry to re-evaluate what they offer their clients.

Elsewhere in the interview, Bentley talks about the advantages of wearable technology, arguing that the immersion granted by these displays could be “lifesaving”.

In your opinion, what are the most important advantages Level 3 will bring?