HS2 workers need to complete BIM work before being paid?

Credit: HS2
Credit: HS2

The £43 billion pound High Speed 2 rail project is currently planned to connect London Euston stations to the Midlands, North West England and Yorkshire. Part of project planners HS2 Ltd‘s data management requirements will state that Building Information Modelling must be adopted by contractors working on the line, even though many surveyed are said to not implement BIM processes regularly.

In another conversation-striking set of comments, HS2’s Commercial Director Beth West has stated that suppliers may not get paid until they can complete BIM work as well as on the railway, that’s according to New Civil Engineer.

Speaking at a suppliers day in London, West stated: “BIM is really critical to delivering this railway.

“We are in the process of procuring some support to help with upskilling. We want to get ourselves set up to be able to manage BIM so we can reach the aspirations the government has for being Level 2 BIM by 2016.”

West declared that not using BIM would be “crazy” as BIM can “solve a whole host of problems”. She elaborated:

“Do we want to say: ‘We are not going to pay you until your information is in BIM,’ which would solve a whole host of problems?

“We should know where the assets are, how they’re based and what’s going on with them so when we get to maintenance we can use technology to assess conditions rather than always doing site visits.”

West also discusses ways in which HS2 may be able to ensure fair payment to SMEs involved in the mega-project. Click here to read the rest of what HS2’s Commercial Director had to say.

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