Hikvision launch surveillance camera BIM objects

Credit: Hikvision
Credit: Hikvision

Security video innovators Hikvision have released some of their products as Building Information Modelling objects.

Available in Autodesk Revit format, the camera equipment objects help Hikvision transform architectural surveillance from an afterthought to a pivotal requirement within a model.

Camera field of view and system layout can be trialled before construction work has even began, meaning any blind spots that equipment cannot reach can be detected before the problem is detected in reality, most likely after the real-life implementation of the product. This saves time and money as re-positioning of products obviously increases costs.

Rackmount and standalone DVRs and NVRs are available as BIM object families, as are box, bullet, dome, fisheye, PTZ and turret types of camera. Specifications and model numbers are also included, meaning you can get crucial information you need about a certain product with a click.

Autodesk‘s Christine Mann, who is their Solutions Executive, spoke about Hikvision’s new BIM offering. She said: “The design, visualisation, and simulation capabilities of Building Information Modelling make BIM a crucial part of contemporary architectural design. As video surveillance systems become increasingly more prevalent in building infrastructure, Hikvision proves its commitment to security system designers”, providing Autodesk Revit users with “high-quality content that helps them envision camera operation and aesthetics in the real world”.

An additional statement was provided by Hikvision’s US Director of Business Development, Vince Lupe. He commented: “Autodesk’s long history as the industry leader in Computer-Aided Design makes it a natural complement to Hikvision’s decades of experience in cutting edge surveillance solutions.”

For additional download information, click the following link.

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