GPE: BIM can tackle “quite staggering” lack of FM consideration

Credit: Construction News
Credit: Construction News

Great Portland Estates (GPE)’s Head of Projects has spoken about the AEC sector’s lack of consideration for other companies operating in subsequent areas of a project’s lifecycle, referring to it as a “failing of the industry”.

James Pellett, who made the comments to Construction News, believes that most importantly, Building Information Modelling is the remedy for this problem and will be the key to unlock the door to a much more collaborative industry.

An example of enhanced project timeline integration would be a better relationship between contractors and facilities management teams. Pellett says that helping communication with FMs was “probably the number one reason why” GPE invested in BIM. He said that “there is no point” in a building just looking good when complete and not being comfortable or operating to its highest standard. Elaborating further, Pellett stated:

“It’s a failing of the industry that we come to a dead stop and we rarely think beyond a certain point in a project; as a consequence, the lack of understanding of what happens in the FM world is quite staggering.”

Mr. Pellett also addressed the BIM Task Group, saying that the creation of it was a positive move yet the disbandment next year is “five years” too early.

“I think the task group needs another five years; whether you get to Level 3 maturity is another issue”, said Pellett. “On the back of that work that is carried out, understanding exactly what goes into a building… it goes back to that key point of [helping] our occupiers manage a building.”

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Do you agree with James? Do you think the BIM Task Group is ending prematurely?