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Credit: Concerto
Credit: Concerto

Company Spotlight does exactly what it says on the proverbial tin. Learn all about the history, BIM journey and latest Building Information Modelling developments of some of the industry’s most-recognised names. This week’s edition casts the spotlight on Concerto Support and their BIM collaboration solution.

Concerto Support Services Ltd is a Cheshire based software company providing integrated web-based project and asset management solutions to a wide range of industries in both the public and private sector.

Concerto originally developed its solutions to directly support transformative projects within the local UK Government, specifically to support Government collaborative strategy in managing estates and large-scale capital projects. Since then, the solution has been taken up in both the public and private sector with rigour.

Concerto’s dynamic approach and determination to deliver a highly configurable 100% fit for purpose solution for each of its clients has awarded the company an ever growing recognition in its field and a fantastic reputation amongst its clients in public and private sector property asset and project management. Clientele have shared their positive experiences of working with Concerto to BIMcrunch, and well, they speak for themselves.

“Concerto is an excellent product. I really like that it gives me complete control over my data and includes rich functionality in terms of reporting and the management of the system.”

Property Information Officer – London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

“Concerto is a very powerful, modern tool. It is intuitive and requires minimal training. This has helped to keep costs down when rolling out the system across our large organisation. The possibilities of use are endless. Their system is transforming our business. They come highly recommended.”

Information Manager – Waltham Forest Council

If the possibilities are endless, surely they can include solutions tailored to Building Information Modelling, right? Concerto certainly thought so and got to work on their latest, and perhaps greatest solution yet.

Concerto’s journey into BIM stemmed from relationships with customers in the Public Sector who were becoming more aware of the requirements of the Government Soft Landings strategy for BIM. Concerto began to develop BIM functionality into its solution initially in response to the requirements of the Manchester City Council Town Hall project and Concerto’s technology now plays a central role in the operational management of this complex.

“We attended a meeting with Manchester City Council, Laing O’Rourke and NG Bailey regarding the Town Hall Complex and discussed how the BIM data would be leveraged from the project in support of the government Soft Landing strategy for BIM,” said Greg Davies, Concerto’s Operations Director. “Lots of questions were asked across the table, and from this meeting, we formulated our initial ideas of what we needed to achieve with regards to BIM.

“We went away and at our cost developed the initial BIM functionality. We then came back to the table with a proof of concept perspective how we envisage BIM to operate within our system. They loved it.”

Credit: Concerto
Concerto’s Operations Director, Greg Davies

Concerto’s initial development of BIM was directed at the handover from the project phase to the operational phase. Functionality was based around capturing and importing data from COBie and automatically building the equipment register against the asset, then utilising that asset for planned maintenance and reactive maintenance purposes. This allowed organizations to track their costs and their failure rates.

Concerto then examined the relationship between PAS1192 2 and 3, and decided to continue development to allow the capability for the Concerto system to collate and validate the data during the project phase so when it is taken into the asset register, it is correct and relevant and in full support of PAS1192 & 3.

With this in place, Concerto is now in the position to guarantee that project and asset data is validated and all held in one central environment for the full life cycle of the asset.

“With our flexible, in-built validation process, the Governance aspect of your project is dealt with in one central environment,” explained Davies to BIMcrunch. This means that data validated at the initial stages can be seamlessly carried through the project and into the FM/operative phase with the knowledge that it is up to date and correct.”

Greg explained that although the solutions that Concerto’s system provides can be carried out on a singular basis, it is Concerto’s integrated solution that allows for all of these separate steps to be employed easily and seamlessly.

“Although our solutions can be employed separately, the best solution by far is to have your asset management system joined to your project management system, where everyone can be trained on one single solution. Also, once asset information is signed off and validated, with an audit trail to show the process, the data can be migrated across to a particular asset at the click of button based upon the data drop that it’s been dropped into. No imports or exports just the click of a button.”

Since the launch of Concerto’s complete lifecycle solution for BIM, the corporation has also released other BIM tools to keep your projects organized and validated whilst pushing collaboration to the highest level possible. Concerto’s Common Data Environment, or CDE, is now available and allows for users to combine, share and validate all of their BIM documentation and models in one browser, without the need to download any plug-ins.

Concerto’s company culture is vibrant with high integrity in the work place. Staff are committed and highly customer focused, benefiting from effective 360-degree communication with regards to all its projects. It is partially down to the enthusiasm of the staff as to why the company is constantly growing and clients are sitting pretty. The Concerto BIM enabled integrated solution has attracted the attention of a major player in the private sector who plans to replace multiple pieces of software with the Concerto solution to manage their entire property portfolio across the UK. Watch this space.

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