Company Spotlight: Asta Development

Credit: Asta Devleopment
Credit: Asta Development

New BIMcrunch feature Company Spotlight does exactly what it says on the proverbial tin. Learn all about the history, BIM adoption and latest Building Information Modelling developments from some of the industry’s most-recognised names. In this inaugural instalment, Asta Development have all eyes on them and their BIM-specific product, Asta Powerproject BIM.

Asta Development has long been providing cutting-edge, sector-specific software solutions to a variety of companies. The portfolio, project and resource management software manufacturer released their flagship product, Asta Powerproject back in 1988 and the software platform has evolved over the years. New versions were continually released to tailor to the needs of individual markets, and the latest incarnation is optimised for BIM.

Major construction projects such as Leeds Arena, The London Eye and The Shard have seen Asta Powerproject be utilised during their development.

Asta’s BIM journey began in 1990, when the firm received various requests to create a system that could connect project management with costing and estimation functionality, the genesis of 5D BIM. Although the acronym BIM was not in the mainstream until a while into the future, it was apparent many years ago that some construction companies wanted to connect the dots between different stages of a construction project. Asta were riding that same revolutionary wave crest that would put them way ahead of the competition in years to come.

Those aforementioned years have passed and in 2005, Asta began to see links develop between Powerproject and BIM software programs such as D Studio, Synchro and Navisworks (now owned by Autodesk). The work Asta carried out on The Shard involved their flagship product and Synchro. Come six years later, the UK Government launched its five-year plan to make BIM processes mandatory on public sector projects. By this point, Asta had the correct components in place to grab the proverbial BIM bull by the horns and steer it in an industry-leading direction.

Fast-forward to 2014 and the company launched their first official BIM offering, Asta Powerproject BIM. The project and portfolio management tool was previewed at the annual Asta National User Forum, which this annum took place at the British Library on 26th March 2014 and is now available. Typical users for the product include those wanting to immediately link project plans and 3D models. The software package also links with ELECO’s BIM Cloud, which supports the improved exchange of information and collaboration between users of a number of applications used at different stages of the project lifecycle, including 3D visualisation, CAD, estimation tools and project management. Coupled together, a master project plan and schedule is created directly from an IFC4 CAD model with ease and precision.

What does 2015 and beyond hold for Asta Development within the BIM sector? In future, Asta will release new products from parent company ELECO within the UK including a market-leading 4D CAD system and a cost estimation system, both of which will be integrated with Asta Powerproject BIM. Always tailoring to the needs of their customers and listening to consumer feedback, it is obvious that whatever changes and updates clientele require, Asta will no doubt already be a step ahead with a fantastic plan in place.

Learn more about Asta Powerproject BIM by clicking here.

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