Canada BIM Council announce BIM accreditation & certification program

Credit: Canada BIM Council
Credit: Canada BIM Council

Building Information Modelling professionals in Canada can now gain official accreditation & certification by enrolling in a program launched by the Canada BIM Council.

The aim of the CanBIM Accreditation & Certification Program is to create a benchmark for AEC industry workers and companies, rewarding them for their level of BIM application and sophistication.

“By clearly defining standardized certification and accreditation, we will be able to turn our attention to establishing qualification profiles for BIM positions in companies, and map those same profiles to BIM education outcomes,” said Pietro Ferrari, one of CanBIM’s Directors, who is also Chair of the CanBIM Research and Education Committee.

Alongside the announcement of the certification program, CanBIM also released new versions of their protocols: AEC(CAN) BIM Protocol v2 and AEC(CAN) BIM Protocol for Revit v2. Originally based on a UK protocol, the Canadian standard has developed into its own entity entirely.

Click here to learn more regarding the new Canada BIM Council accreditation program set-up.

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