Call for Finnish BIM research to be put “effectively to practice”

Credit: RYM Oy
Credit: RYM Oy

The Vice President, R&D of one of Finland‘s largest construction groups has called for recent extensive research carried out in the country to be put “effectively to practice”.

Skanska Oy‘s Ilkka Romo, who is also the Chairman of the Process Re-Engineering (PRE) Program Steering Group, made those comments when referring to the RYM PRE extensive research program conducted by technology research centre RYM Oy.

“In Finland, BIM expertise has for quite a long time been based on the development work of leading software houses and top design and construction sector enterprises”, stated Romo. “The PRE program complemented and provided new insights for this research cooperation. Nevertheless, effective deployment of the research results is also needed before they can have the desired effect on the productivity of construction and the profitability of companies.”

The PRE program saw 6 research institutes and 37 enterprises invest €21.8 into research and the development of new BIM-based practices and business models. Noteworthy results of the program include “development of BIM-based open cooperation models” and the formulation of BIM-related requirements, guidelines and an infrastructure sector data exchange format.

Whilst the research has been fantastic for Finland’s BIM community, Romo has said that more research in addition to the RYM PRE program. He elaborated: “Sufficient research input in BIM must be ensured also after the PRE program. It is vitally important for the productivity and competitiveness of construction – especially when the market outlook is bleak.”

Click here for more information from RYM Oy’s website and for direct comments from Ilkka Romo on the research, follow this link.

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