Blackpool-based Ameon discuss BIM “wise move”

Credit: Ameon, Blackpool Gazette
Credit: Blackpool Gazette

Mechanical and engineering contractor Ameon have discussed their Building Information Modelling investment, describing the gamble as a “wise move”.

The SME, based in Blackpool, are celebrating six of its managers becoming fully BIM qualified, that’s according to The Blackpool Gazette.

Ameon’s Managing Director Robin Lawson (pictured) described BIM as “one of the most useful developments” to hit the industry in recent years, something his company had to be a part of. He elaborated: “BIM has become the established standard across the construction sector, therefore it is critical that companies such as ours have invested in the technology and training to enable us to provide the expertise that is expected by all main contractors in the industry.

Lawson also discussed the risk Ameon took in adopting BIM during a tough economic time. Looking at how BIM is changing the landscape within many countries for the better, Lawson is positive his company’s investment will be a risk-turned-reward.

“It [BIM] is one of the most useful developments in systems and infrastructure design in recent years and is transforming the way contractors and trades operate on site,” said Lawson. “We invested in BIM and adopted the technology at a time when market conditions were at their most difficult but I view that as a wise move and I see our investment in technology and training now paying dividends as we seek to maintain our position in the market with the economy now improving, particularly in relation to the construction industry.”

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