bimstore and Wienerberger announce iPad BIM competition

Credit: bimstore, Wienerberger
Credit: bimstore, Wienerberger

Handheld technological devices are not just being used for play nowadays – they are staples of construction sites and architecture practices.

bimstore are wanting to know their specifiers a little better and as an incentive for their architectural clientele, they are giving away four prizes that will enable their customers to carry out their work to an even higher standard.

Wienerberger are sponsoring a four-month long competition, in which bimstore are asking their members to complete their account profiles to 100% status, providing location and company information to enable them to tailor future object downloads to their clients and their feedback. Each month, those who have completed their details to the maximum level will be entered into a free prize draw to win an iPad Mini, a cool tool to showcase BIM models and objects from most definitely!

bimstore’s Head of Content Kris Atkinson spoke to BIMcrunch regarding the competition. He stated: “We are always looking to learn more about our customers so that we can tailor content to them as best as possible. We’d like to thank one of our most popular manufacturers in Wienerberger for providing sponsorship and the iPad bundle incentive to enable to strengthen our relationship with our loyal specifiers further.”

bimstore Director Adam Ward also provided comment. He told BIMcrunch: “Portable devices are becoming increasingly more common and pivotal within Building Information Modelling work so we thought it would be fantastic to provide the opportunity for our clients to reap the benefits an iPad Mini can offer. As someone who uses products such as iPads and Google Glass in my work, I know that the lucky winners will have a great platform to work with that will improve the way they work.”

Click here to learn more on the competition via bimstore’s website.

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