Benefits of laser scanning discussed at Northumbria University festival

Northumbria University's Mark Bailey
Northumbria University’s Mark Bailey

Laser scanning is an important part of Building Information Modelling in that it is used to collect several items of data that can then be transferred into a 3D model, aiding clash detection and asset management processes.

The benefits of 3D laser scanning and how it can challenge traditional ways of conserving buildings will be discussed at the international virtual Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF). The DIF comprises of sixteen leading educational establishments that have been chosen to take part and produce a plethora of content that interested parties can view on the DIF website. Names selected to be involved include Northumbria University, Stanford University, UCL and the University of Edinburgh.

Live streams, videos and webinars will be just some of the mediums that Northumbria University will present material across. The aim of the initiative is for virtual festival-goers to disrupt their usual thought processes and considering alternatives that are available.

One of Northumbria’s signature attractions will be the Design Means Business national conference in association with Design Network North, an event that will generate debate surrounding the benefits of design to business and the wider community.

Northumbria University’s Director of Innovation Design programmes, Mark Bailey discussed the upcoming events. He said: “The topics that Northumbria University will be exploring as part of DIF are broad: ranging from how designers can influence economic thinking; through to how 3D laser scanning can be used to challenge traditional approaches to building conservation.

“The scale of DIF and the aims of the festival, in terms of bringing together such a diverse range of thinkers, are unprecedented. It is an incredibly exciting thing for the University to be part of and we hope that it will further cement Northumbria’s reputation as a progressive and forward-thinking institution.”

The Disruptive Innovation Festival, curated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, will run for a further two weeks, culminating on Friday, November 14th, 2014.

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