Array Architects discuss landmark medical center BIM project

Credit: Array Architects
Credit: Array Architects

New York-based firm Array Architects have discussed their Building Information Modelling work during the construction of Montefiore Medical Center in The Bronx, New York.

The 280,000 square foot healthcare building, which is 12 storeys high, was constructed by the firm in just 18 months, all thanks to the involvement of BIM processes.

Using Autodesk Revit as their BIM tool, the software allowed for the architect, general contractor MEP engineers and trade contractors to all collaborate using the same model, meaning all parties were aware of each other’s activity. Due to the project’s “aggressive schedule”, the ability for each sector of the project team to know what the other was doing was vital at keeping the development on-track.

Senior Project Manager at Array, Jason Lee, who wrote the article, discusses the importance that pre-fabrication and clash detection had on the project. He said: “With fabrication of piping and ductwork being done offsite to expedite turn-around time, it was critical that the model and drawing show clash detection and clearances for all access panels accurately in these areas. There was no time to re-fabricate or have change orders in the field.”

Lee also reflected upon perhaps the most “critical” benefit that BIM provided – an increased sense of collaboration. “Collaboration among team members was critical to the success of this 280,000 SF “hospital without beds”,” explained Lee.

“Team members met in the War Room on a weekly basis. Shop drawings were reviewed by the group on screen based on the BIM model allowing the coordination drawings to be approved in half the time of a conventional project. The result was a complex project designed and built with minimal field revisions utilizing BIM to meet an extremely aggressive schedule.”

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