Aconex’s new Connected BIM tool allows for project-wide, cloud-enabled collaboration

Credit: Aconex
Credit: Aconex

A new cloud-based tool intended to simplify collaboration between organisations working on the same projects has been launched by software developer Aconex.

Connected BIM, in the words of Aconex co-founder Rob Phillpot, “fulfills BIM’s true promise – improved efficiency, reduced risk, faster delivery, higher-quality built assets, and easier operability”. From their web browser of choice, users of Aconex Connected BIM can work in synergy with their colleagues, creating new models in the usual way before using “simple plug-ins” to transfer them to the Aconex’s dedicated BIM Cloud. There, the user is given the option to merge models together – even when made by different authors.

Clash detection is described as “timely”, and in the construction phase team members can assign documents and workflows to each object in their model. As an example, Aconex says that “a mechanical subcontractor can tag a pump with an operating manual or a commissioning sheet”.

In recognition that large projects can become a quagmire of different versions of model objects, Connected BIM enables you to “quickly see what’s changed and be confident that teams are working off the latest information.”

Communication is further bolstered by the addition of a time-stamped log, making all project-related dialogue accessible right inside the model.

Simultaneous to Connected BIM’s launch is the release of Dynamic Manuals, which allows for the management of digital operation and maintenance manuals in a secure, encrypted cloud. Connected BIM itself facilitates the handover of complete, dynamic O&M data, and has been designed to last for the entirety of a BIM project’s lifecycle.

Reportedly “coming soon”, Aconex will be releasing an official companion app for the iPad. We’ll let you know when that’s released.

Aconex have set up a page detailing Connected BIM’s main features – click here for that – and have a posted a video of the tool in action on YouTube.

What do you make of Connected BIM? Will you be jumping on board?