WATCH – Use of BIM “a lightbulb moment” for The Design Buro

Architectural practice The Design Buro have described their adoption of Building Information Modelling as the company’s “lightbulb moment”.

In a video in which the firm discuss their use of Vectorworks Architect BIM software, Chartered Architectural Technologist Neil Marshall discusses how working with a major contractor on a series of healthcare projects proved to be the start of the company’s BIM journey and genesis of a strong period of growth.


“The government has mandated that all centrally-procured projects are delivered in BIM to Level 2 by 2016; that means that we’ve had to upgrade our software and educate ourselves in the workflows to be able to deliver those projects”, said Marshall.


“Some of the obstacles internally are predominately psychological. People have a trusted way of getting the work done and people naturally want to do it in a way they understand. To some extent, you have to take a step back; you have to show those people there’s another route, which might take longer in the first instance but when the changes come, you’ve got a model that is a single source of truth that allows all of your schedules to be updated.”


Marshall also referenced The Design Buro’s first project, The Pathology Building at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd Hospital, Wales in the clip and discussed problems they overcame whilst getting used to their utilisation of BIM. Marshall recalls: “This was our opportunity to use BIM as a workflow; through the process, we set up two teams within the office, a 2D team to deliver the sign off and a 3D team to start modelling the building.


“We realised through the process that the 3D team were working faster than the 2D team so we converted the 2D team to assist the 3D team which ultimately delivered the project in a more efficient fashion.”


Marshall also discusses the importance of having a pilot project, how Vectorworks proved to be a fantastic modelling tool and the future of architectural technology. 


Watch the entire video below.



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