WATCH – A look back at The Netherlands’ NedGraphicsdag & BIM Congres 2014

Credit: NedGraphicsdag and BIM Congres
Credit: NedGraphicsdag and BIM Congres

The Netherlands‘ equivalent of BIM Show Live took place last week and the company that made it all happen have released a promotional video recapping the proceedings.

Taking place on September 18th, NedGraphicsdag & BIM Congres 2014 attracted around 600 architectural, engineering and construction sector specialists, all of whom flocked to where the event was held in Nieuwegein.

The combined event represented the 22nd NedGraphicsdag and the 3rd annual BIM Congres and at times, up to 12 programs of content such as workshops and presentations were happening parallel to one another. Global names carrying out such workshops and presentations included the likes of Autodesk, BAM Technology and iNFRANEA.

Richard Goossens, Event Organiser and Director of NedGraphics said that although working harder is obviously a good thing, BIM allows for the industry to “work smarter” and cope with the increase in work from clientele who require Building Information Models. He said: “Developments in the construction and engineering industry are moving fast. We get more tasks, more complex projects and more demands!”

Maxime Verhagen of Voorzitter Bouwend Nederland spoke at the event. He stated: “The focus is getting wider, from only build to design, construction, maintenance and management. BIM not only makes projects cheaper, but also more efficient, more sustainable and more customer-friendly.”

For readers who can speak Dutch or those just interested in checking out the enormity of the event, watch the recap video below. Alternatively, view images from the event here.

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