WATCH – Cidon Construction: BIM cut our estimating costs by 50%

Credit: Tekla
Credit: Tekla

Barnsley-based contractor Cidon Construction has benefitted significantly from bringing Tekla‘s BIM software into its offices.

In a video posted to Tekla Structures‘ YouTube channel, Cidon’s Managing Director Ciaran Donnelly says that the perceived risk of moving into BIM was outweighed by simple metrics.

“Not many people in the construction industry will think long and hard about buying a Transit van, but effectively, [when buying Tekla’s BIM suite] I paid similar to what a Transit van costs, and I had the potential for a much better return than a Transit van was going to give me.”

Cidon chose Tekla on the strengths of its user-friendliness, Donnelly says. “When we were comparing Tekla versus all the software packages, we didn’t want to have to recruit people who weren’t core to our business.”

“If I can use Tekla, I can assure you anyone can use Tekla.”

As a contractor, Cidon are using it predominantly at a pre-tender stage. At first, the firm was sceptical as to BIM’s accuracy in estimating costs, but they confirmed “pretty quickly that the Tekla model was accurate – more accurate than us.”

As a result, Donnelly and his teams at Cidon have seen a 50% reduction in estimating costs. All three projects secured after Tekla was made a mainstay are on schedule and within budget.

You can watch Donnelly’s presentation below.