Vectorworks calling for open BIM standards in China

Credit: China BIM Portal
Credit: China BIM Portal

An Architect Product Specialist at Vectorworks has reflected upon his recent visit to China, in which he called for a national adoption of open BIM standards.

Jeffrey Ouellette, who is also a representative of buildingSMART, visited China in an advocacy role to speak with various industry leaders to discuss the best ways to drive forward Building Information Modelling adoption in the country. BIM implementation is on the increase at a rapid rate, yet the creation of national BIM standards is not yet on the horizon.

Ouellette’s first meeting was with the China BIM Portal, China’s leading BIM advocate and informative resource. Ouellette said that “core technology and classification references should be based on open, international standards while also incorporating proven, national market best practices”, with project’s owners and their colleagues sharing an interest in those practices. Sharing “the same vision for creating consistency, predictability, and value for everyone involved in the design, procurement, construction, and operations of a building” is also of the highest importance.

Ouellette also met with experts at the buildingSMART China BIM Standards Summit, where experts representing both the US and China weighed up the positives and negatives of the efforts made thus far in their respective countries to enforce BIM standards. “The US effort is market-based, without a government initiative or funding, while the Chinese effort is backed with money and policies by the central and regional governments”, said Ouellette of the discussion. “Our biggest challenge is changing our industry culture to voluntarily adopt standardization methods, while their biggest challenge is their size and market fragmentation.”

The Vectorworks employee’s final stop before the end of his tour was the APEC 2014 SOM3 Workshop, where he represented the US and conducted a presentation that stood alongside talks from Australia, China, Russia and Singapore. The aim of the day was “to share work and positively impact the development of global BIM standards”.

China are hoping to have implemented national BIM standards by 2016. Whether they follow the lead of the US or perhaps the UK’s initiative remains to be seen. Perhaps they’ll spearhead their own unique form of BIM standardisation?

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