University of Westminster announce BIM workshops

Credit: University of Westminster
Credit: University of Westminster

The University of Westminster are to offer training workshops relating to Building Information Modelling.

Taking place through October and November, the trifecta of learning experiences focusing on BIM will feature interactive demonstrations and a chance to get ‘hands-on’ experience. The events are aimed at recently-qualified architects or designers and architects currently within middle management and will provide an intense introduction to the world of project BIM management.

The inaugural ‘Beginner’ session, taking place on October 14th will have an emphasis on “typical workflows of Architects including introduction of all software related to the BIM workflow”. Training in Autodesk Revit will also take place.

The second workshop will take place on October 21st and will tackle issues such as intermediate Revit modelling techniques and will also provide a platform to learn more about BIM requirements, BIM Execution Plans (BEPs) and Employer’s Information Requirements (EIRs).

The final training day, billed as an ‘Advanced’ level, will commence on November 4th. Skills learned here will include the best ways to collaborate with other shareholder teams within a project to enhance efficiencies and being able to link specification data to model, detailing and sharing data. Brief training on how to use Autodesk Navisworks will also take place.

Tutors involved in these three workshops include Arup‘s Casey Rutland, who has worked on the likes of the buzz-worthy Project OVE and Rebecca De Cicco of Digital Node. Speaking to BIMcrunch, De Cicco said: “There is a currently a high demand for BIM process knowledge in the industry at present. Due to this fact, a course focused on the practical delivery of level 2 BIM for building projects becomes critical leading to 2016 for Architects. This course aims to deliver training to Architects managing projects in order to ensure they are resourcing their projects adequately and have the practical knowledge to be able to deliver them.”

All workshops last three hours and participation costs £305. Click here to learn even more about the upcoming trio of education BIM classes.

Will you be taking part in or referring these classes with respected industry figures?