Private sector showing positive signs of BIM adoption

Credit: BIM.Technologies
Credit: BIM.Technologies

The UK Government’s 2016 BIM mandate that requires all public sector projects to implement Level 2 Building Information Modelling processes is drawing ever closer. Despite government builds being ready for the complete transition to BIM, some of the AEC sector working on private sector projects have been lagging behind. Luckily, the horizon is getting brighter, as showcased in a recent article.

In their latest blog post, Barbour Product Search have cast the spotlight on two private sector BIM projects that are pushing the boundaries and creating shockwaves of curiosity within the industry.

The first highlighted development is Sainsbury’s first BIM project, which was previously covered on BIMcrunch. Valued at £25,362,000, the convenience store’s construction and BIM modelling work will be carried out by contractor ISG.

From a on-going project to a completed success story. The second build peaking everyone’s interest is 240 Blackfriars, a high-profile skyscraper project completed by property development company Great Portland Estates. GPE began their foray into BIM on this project, discovering it could “improve the design and construction process beyond their initial expectations”.

Off-site pre-construction was increased, with on-site waste being decreased thanks to the implementation of BIM. Now that the project has been completed, it has been established that for every £1 that was spent in invested in BIM, £2 was saved on other project areas. Impressive stuff from GPE and their BIM consultant BIM. Technologies.

Click here to learn more about both projects.

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