Leeds Beckett University announce Autumn BIM events

Credit: thinkBIM
Credit: thinkBIM

Leeds Beckett University have announced a series of educational Building Information Modelling events via their blog.

The thinkBIM Autumn series will explain the definition of Level 2 BIM more clearly for attendees and will also address how as an industry, the AEC sector can meet the target set by the UK Government’s 2016 mandate.

Leeds Beckett set up The thinkBIM Network in response to the significant learning gap that is present in the industry currently relating to BIM.

Three events around the Yorkshire area make up the series, taking place at either the beginning of October, November and December. The inaugural event will be held at Old Broadcasting House on October 1st with the second event, which will span three days from November 2nd to 5th, taking place in Hull at the University of Hull. The third and final event, will commence on December 3rd at WSP, Leeds.

If booked separately, the first two events cost £15 to attend, with the final instalment in the series costing £40. Booking the trifecta together will save you £5 and cost £65.

Click here to learn more about the events and book your place.

Will you be attending?