CIDB Malaysia: BIM technology must be adopted

Credit: CIDB Malaysia
Credit: CIDB Malaysia

The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) – Malaysia have called for the industry to adopt Building Information Modelling.

Bernama reports that Datuk Seri Dr Judin Abdul Karim, the CIDB’s CEO has stated that the industry “need” to implement BIM on their project’s should they want to realistically achieve major reductions in waste and significant improvements in cost efficiency.

“We need to encourage this technology”, said Karim. “We are coming out with 11th Malaysia Plan. Therefore, CIDB is inviting all industry players to work together on how to institutionalised BIM technology so that it becomes a norm rather than exception.”

Karim believes industry fragmentation is a reason as to why Malaysia has been slow to adopt BIM, and he hopes that through greater publicity and enhanced training opportunities, Malaysia’s AEC industry will look more professional because of BIM. He stated: “This will make the industry more professional. BIM technology will be able to identify where the wastages are. If there are still wastages, you can identify who is responsible.”

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Do you agree that BIM can make a country’s construction sector look more professional?