Canadian and Swedish reseller agreement for Scandinavian distribution

Credit: Cad-Q, StrucSoft
Credit: Cad-Q, StrucSoft

A transcontinental company coalition has been formed to enable Canadian software products to become available across Scandinavia.

Montreal-based StrucSoft Solutions is partnering with Borlänge-born Cad-Q to bring their flagship software brand, MWF to a European market. MWF is an Autodesk Revit based software experience for designing, constructing and implementing digital versions of wood and cold formed steel products within the popular Autodesk BIM package.

StrucSoft Solutions are hoping their MWF clientele base will increase thanks to the reseller agreement and should any European customers have any trouble or need advice, Cad-Q staff will be there to provide technical support in their native language. Cad-Q believe that their knowledge of the AEC market coupled with StrucSoft’s technical know-how will give their customers a reliable and cutting-edge resource that they need.

Per Carlsson, Cad-Q’s Business Area Manager AEC said that the company are “proud” to be selected as StrucSoft’s European distributing partner. He said: “We are proud to been chosen as StrucSoft partners for the Scandinavian market. This gives us the opportunity to extend our current offer with the high-end technology from StrucSoft. By combining our experience and expertise with StrucSoft Solutions we are taking one step further towards our vision to establish qualified and effective work processes which are supported by job satisfaction and innovation.”

StrucSoft’s Sales Manager Brandon Ionata also commented on the agreement, stating: “We are happy to establish this partnership with Cad-Q. Their history of serving the AEC and fabrication industry with qualified BIM-solutions secures that our solutions will be well represented and our future customers will receive the best service and support.”

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