Canadian BIM conference looking to inspire slow starters

Credit: buildingSMART
Credit: buildingSMART

Companies that have been slow off the mark in the race to capture Building Information Modelling project gold are those being targeted by an upcoming industry event in Canada that is hoping to change the fortunes of underperforming members of its construction community.

Daily Commercial News are reporting that the IBC/buildingSMART BIM Worldwide: Solutions for Canada Symposium is aiming to inspire firms that are performing ‘false starts’ and provide them with information and guidance that can keep them on the winning track.

John Dickinson, one of buildingSMART Canada’s Chairs, addressed the companies that he hopes the event will help. He said: “It’s really targeted to people who are going to be the decision makers. They’re involved in smaller companies whom we’d like to see as the next adopters of Building Information Modelling.”

The symposium’s guest speakers will be split into two categories: those who are representing countries that are considered early adopters of BIM and those who have vast experience working on government-mandated BIM projects. Elaborating on this, Dickinson stated: “Both of these bodies have different perspectives on how BIM is rolled out into their communities. It’s actually been there and in practice long enough now that it isn’t just for the mega projects.

“We have these people coming in who can actually speak from their own experiences as to how BIM is being done for the benefit of the people who are providing the projects and the people who are commissioning the projects.”

Crossing the industry’s hurdles will be well worth the hard work and the IBC and buildingSMART are hoping Canadian corporations will relish the challenge. Proverbial batons will be extended on October 30th, 2014 at the Allstream Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

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