BIM represented at ‘Asbestos: The Truth’ conference

Building Information Modelling will have representation at the UK’s leading asbestos management conference.

BIMcrunch readers will recall BIM being applied to widen rivers and even have its tools developed to create Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) software yet now a discussion will be raised on using BIM in another ground-breaking fashion.


Asbestos: The Truth will host a speech from Neil Reed, a Director from BIMcert, a BIM consultancy based in Richmond, North Yorkshire.


Reed’s speech, entitled BIM: Asbestos Management in the digital age, will look at how BIM can be used not just on new developments, yet also existing buildings due to BIM being just as much about site management after building than it is the actual construction. With asbestos still being a huge issue in older homes and business buildings, can BIM help locate, manage and remove the harmful substance-filled in the most efficient way yet?


The 45-minute presentation will look at how companies who deal with asbestos can best adopt BIM and train staff to use the various potential software outlets available on the market.


Asbestos: The Truth will take place October 2nd, 2014 in Queens Hotel, Leeds. To learn more about the other speakers and the conference schedule, follow this link.


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