Autodesk to help professionals get BIM certified for less

Credit: Autodesk
Credit: Autodesk

Autodesk have announced a special one-day event in which Building Information Modelling professionals can be become Autodesk BIM certified for a cheaper price.

In association with Connect, Autodesk Certification Centers across Europe will host Open Doors 2014, an event which will allow CAD and BIM users to become Certified Autodesk Professionals, a title that comes with a plethora of advantages.

The achievement is recognised globally as a benchmark of skills that employers will look out for; professional credibility can be verified thanks to the certification and it also enables projects teams to showcase up-to-date skills in a very competitive environment.

Kirstin Donoghue, Autodesk Program Manager, Europe at Connect said that the company are “delighted” to support Autodesk again for Open Doors, a program that is now in it’s fourth year. Donoghue said: “Certification is becoming increasingly important to validate skills and ensure best practice in the use of Autodesk software. We are delighted to be able to continue to support design professionals by offering this opportunity again in 2014.”

Countries across Europe hosting CAD and BIM certification opportunities include Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Czech Repulic, France and Lithuania. In the UK, BIM certification can be yours should you attend events held in Aberdeen, Bromsgrove, London, Newcastle and Southampton. Hosting the events are training centres Symetri, Armada, Excitech, BIM Academy and Adris respectively.

The European price to attend is just €30. For more information on the cost in Pounds Sterling and where else in Europe is offering a certification opportunity, click here.

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