AEC (UK) committee to update its set of BIM documents

Credit: AEC (UK)
Credit: AEC (UK)

Two years on from its last release, BIM standards provider AEC (UK) committee has announced that it is working to lay out new documentation to reflect current trends in the use of BIM.

New to the committee for this phase is Rob Jackson, Associate Director at Bond Bryan Architects and one-time columnist of BIMcrunch.

AEC (UK)’s document suite is not to be seen as an alternative to the official British Standards. Instead, it is an “off-the-shelf” way of implementing them in major BIM authoring tools.

“Now more than ever, as BIM adoption becomes commonplace, a unified approach to digital authoring tools is increasingly important,” said Nigel Davies, chair of the committee. “The focus of BIM has moved on in even just the last two years since version 2 [of our standards] was published.”

One new development is the release of PAS1192-2, released only after the initial AEC (UK) documentation was published.

The new standards, to be published at an unspecified point, will cover:

•Interoperability considerations and guidance on model data structures for optimal exchange

•Considerations for LOD and LOI for software-specific modelling workflows

•Stage-based information requirements, mapped directly to in-built software properties and IFC classes

“Our intention,” states Davies, “is that anyone sitting down in front of their computer ready to start ‘BIMming’ can follow this guidance and work to a proven formula for success, compliant with Level 2 BIM requirements.”

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