50% of BIM consultancy Fulcro now owned by COINS

Elite software company COINS have purchased 50% of shares in Building Information Modelling consultancy Fulcro.

Construction Manager is reporting that the two firms will continue to operate independently yet the new business relationship will allow for both corporations to take advantage of one another’s strengths and resources.


 “Jointly, we will help each other develop what we’re already doing,” said COINS’ Deputy Chairman Derek Leaver, speaking to CM. COINS will utilise Fulcro’s Building Information Modelling capabilities and apply them to their Enterprise Resource Planning software products whilst Fulcro will make use of COINS’ array of clientele and develop new services to offer customers.


Talking further about the partnership, Leaver said: “We’re speaking to people [Fulcro] that really understand BIM, rather than waiting for client demand – it’s taking too long, and there’s more we can do. We’re using Fulcro as a guide because they’ve already been doing this for contractors for years. They have been using 3D design to cost projects, check coordination, and validate designs for major clients and construction companies for over 12 years and are widely recognised as experts in the world of BIM.”


Leaver now believes the next potentially trying step will be to ensure BIM links perfectly with COINS’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system both at the design stage and post-contract. He elaborated: “The main challenge is to get BIM integrated into the back office ERP system, both at the design stage – because all the risk is in the design – and post-contract. When the project is completed, if all the ERP data is linked to a 3D model, the contractor, will be able to see how long everything took, or how profitable a project was. You’ll be looking at the building, rather than pie charts and tabular systems.”


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