WSP’s McLeod applies a lesson learned to BIM

WSP Group’s Head of Project Technology has recalled a simple business lesson that he is now applying to Building Information Modelling with great results.

In a guest blog post on, Frank McLeod cites a past conversation with Sir John Egan, who once told him that in business, “the purpose is for you to make money from satisfying customers”. A simple principle that McLeod is now applying to BIM.


McLeod believes that when working with a client on a BIM project, going back to basics is the best policy. Although Building Information Models contain an impressive array of data types, when referring to a simple set of guidelines, both the company and the client will both get the best from the relationship. McLeod stated: “In order to achieve this I needed to be more economic, efficient and most importantly effective.


Economic: Everything I procure must be the right thing at the right price at the right time.

Efficient: Everything I do must be structured and coordinated and managed.

Effective: Everything I deliver must be required, and add value and inform.”


McLeod said that by tackling these points equally without over-focusing on one or the other, projects will run smoothly, whether they are BIM-related or not.


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