WATCH – Techture showcase BIM specialism

Building Information Modelling solutions company Techture have released a new promotional video demonstrating the work that their business carries out.

The Indian firm published the video on their official YouTube channel and the video addresses Techture’s role within an AEC project’s lifecycle and the organisation’s work can enable a better working relationship between all levels of a build’s pipeline, from architects to projects MGMT consultants and structural engineers.


“The architect starts working on the preliminary design in CAD”, says the video’s narrator. “The designs are then passed to Techture, where they’re converted into information-rich 3D models using BIM. Using which [the models], Techture delivers services such as visualisation, structural analysis and design, construction management, sustainable design, MEP engineering and facility management.”


The strengths of having photo-realistic rendering capabilities are touted, as is a Building Information Model’s ability to calculate costs and measure sustainability properties of a project.


Watch the video below.



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