WATCH – State of BIM adoption in Canada addressed

The current state of Building Information Modelling adoption in Canada has been discussed in a new YouTube video.

State of BIM in Canada: Part 2 – Winnipeg2014 was uploaded to the Canada BIM Council’s official YouTube channel and features a presentation hosted by CanBIM President Allan Partridge and CanBIM Vice President Thomas Strong.


The video, which was filmed at the Winnipeg Regional BIM Session event earlier in the year, was one of a monumental 78 videos posted on the channel – a lot of BIM content!


CanBIM President Partridge said: “There is clearly a mixed level of adoption amongst everybody. Some are using it simply to model; others are using it to mine the data that’s within the model itself and we’re finding as well that many are transitioning, providing the model in some form whether its exported out to another Building Information enabled piece of technology or its direct access itself. At the end of the day, we’re seeing very much a push and pull process of BIM adoption.”


Partridge also talked about the emerging trend of BIM Execution Plans. He stated: “Certainly we are finding that BIM execution plans are emerging as a standard. Many offices and many organisations have this now, however, I’m sure all of you [the audience] have downloaded the Penn state execution plan and had that blank look as to what you do with that document. But that is being simplified down to the point where a very simple BIM execution plan is even contained within our protocol, the AC CanBIM standard.”


Watch the near 35 minute presentation below and view the other 77 new uploads by following this link.



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