WATCH – September’s BE2050 report previewed in new video

Video portal The B1M has published a preview video of BIM2050’s forthcoming BE2050 report, which will share the group’s research into how BIM will be utilised throughout the first half of the 21st century.

BIM2050, an affiliate of the BIM Task Group, is a collective of young professionals active in the BIM community, including Rebecca Hodgson-Jones of Sir Robert McAlpine; Neil Thompson of Balfour Beatty; and Rachel Park of MACE. 


Their September report will make several proposals on how BIM could be further developed in the future. 


“We looked at education and skills, technology and process, and a culture of integration”, says Hodgson-Jones, BIM 2050 Steering Group Lead. BIM’s evolution, she asserts, will be “founded on an integrated culture of trust”.


The open-ended brief for the report allowed its writers to address topics they were interested in. Wes Beamount of Turner & Townsend focused on social issues.


“I see BIM as a social, cultural phenomenon, if you like, rather than a technological transformation,” he says. “My section looks at motivation and leadership. A lot of it is about solidarity as well, because as an industry we need to work together to achieve our objectives.”


When the report releases next month, BIMcrunch will be on hand to dissect it.


With no embed link available, you can view the video on The B1M’s official site.


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