WATCH – NFC used in-conjunction with BIM on mobile app

Here’s a nifty little video to share with you all.

A Korean YouTube upload has detailed a mobile app that reveals a Building Information Model that is able to be viewed from all angles when the user scans a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag placed in front of the phone’s camera.


The building seen in BIM format is the Namdaemun (or Great Southern Gate in English), one of the eight gates to a historic fortress wall in Seoul, South Korea. The fact a 3D model is able to come up just thanks to the scan of a NFC tag is pretty cool if you ask us.


The company behind the app are Human Interface Logic, a Korean software solutions company. Our Korean language skills are sadly not up to scratch yet after conducting a little research, it appears that the final version of this app is not yet available. Great to see what technology is capable of though I think you will agree!


Take a look at the incredibly interesting technology clip below.



What do you make to this fantastic-looking app?