WATCH – GRAPHISOFT talk BIM with Kajima

The Director of BIM and Productivity Improvement at world renowned construction firm Kajima has spoken with GRAPHISOFT about the relationship between the two firms.

Kajima’s Kazumi Yajima discussed how long his company have used GRAPHISOFT products, how ArchiCAD has helped them develop their own cloud-computing system and how their new initiative integrates with GRAPHISOFT’s BIMcloud.


Regarding using GRAPHISOFT products, Yajima said: “Our relationship with GRAPHISOFT started in 1996 when we implemented ArchiCAD. Especially since ArchiCAD 14, the whole company started to put an effort into implementation.”


Yajima spoke about his company’s foray into cloud systems also. He elaborated: “With the release of Teamwork in version 15, in order to utilise this function, we invented our own cloud system last year. Previously to the GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud release, we announced our trademarked solution, Global BIM, and we are starting to utilise BIMcloud within the system.”


Watch the entire video below.



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