WATCH – Allegheny Design Services discuss BIM adoption

West Virginia-based engineering services corporation Allegheny Design Services have discussed their leap towards Building Information Modelling.

In a video published on their official YouTube channel, Allegheny company officials and even clients discuss how BIM has revolutionised their projects.


“Our entire company is built around using BIM as a workflow”, said Allegheny Senior Structural Engineer Michael Howell. “It allows us to be a lot more efficient with our engineers and designers and it allows us to be a lot more effective with the type of solutions we’re delivering.”


Bill Yoke Jr., of WYK Associates also commented on his company’s BIM-central relationship with Allegheny. He said: “Although ADS [Allegheny Design Solutions] went to BIM before we went to BIM, now we’re integrating that technology into our practice, it’s extremely helpful.”


Allegheny President David Simpson says the company’s decision to adopt BIM has turned the fortunes of the firm around dramatically. He stated: “We turned the entire company around; we required that all designs be done in BIM. Larger engineering firms have had difficulty making that transition because of the size of their firm but I think it took a vision within our company to realise where the future was going, and it has more than paid off for itself.”


Watch the video testimony below.



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