Sefaira now delivering real-time daylight analysis in Revit

Building Design software company Sefaira are now able to deliver real-time daylight analysis within Autodesk Revit.

The cloud computing specialists, who also have offices in New York and Melbourne, have announced that Sefaira for Revit’s new functionality will bring early stage daylighting analysis to users directly within their Revit software, enabling them to gain additional understanding at an earlier stage than ever before.


Sefaira’s daylighting visualisation tools combine the strengths of trusted daylighting engines Radiance and DAYSIM to create incredibly useful data for architects regarding light including daylight levels at specific times, annual availability of quality daylight (also known as Daylight Autonomy), annual risk of glare, as well as Daylight Factor. These features will help architects present their BIM models more accurately to clients due to the new metrics providing an additional dimension of information.


Sefaira CEO Mads Jensen commented on the fantastic new feature and said: “We continue to extend our products’ capabilities in support of our mission to empower all building designers to create high performing buildings. Revit is the BIM platform of choice for many of our customers. Daylight Visualization in Revit is another step forward to provide ever more architects the tools they require to make performance-based design the norm.”


The London-based corporation also got opinions from early adopters. Little Diversified Architectural Consulting’s Elizabeth Unruh said that her company prioritise quality daylight within their designs. She stated: “Real-time daylight and glare analysis within Revit enables us to optimize these variables while the design is still at its most malleable by providing a compelling new layer of information that influences the design’s window to wall ratio, shading strategy, and interior finishes. We prioritize quality daylight and minimized glare in our designs to ensure human comfort.”


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Do you think consideration for daylight and minimized glare is underrated within Building Information Modelling?